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The best Hotel in Cuba

By: Seelina, Canada Posted: 2014-08-20


I have been to Cuba 5 times, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Havana, Cienfuegos and Holguin. My daughter got married on April 15, 2011 and the we stayed at Brisas Guardalavaca. We all had a wonderful time, it's the best place so far and we are planning a reunion and the 4th anniversary celebration next April at Brisa Guardalavaca. Looking forward to it. Thanks Isabel Batista for making our stay enjoyable !!!!


some improvements needed

By: Barbara, Canada Posted: 2013-02-28


My friend and I have stayed at Brisas Guardalavaca many times and I offer feedback on this year's trip:

KEYS. The resort must provide two keys for guests. Sharing one key is simply not on.

RETURN GUESTS. Some people were told on checkin of the benefits for return guests: late checkout, complementary rum, reduced massage rates. My friend and I found out about this from other guests and spent over an hour on the last day wrestling for the late checkout. Never got the rum.

SALAD DRESSING: Please return to having several bottles of salad dressing available. A bottle of oil and white vinegar are not a good enough substitute.

As always, we found the staff at Brisas to be lovely, helpful people. We would especially like to thank Isber, the Sunwing representative, and Julio, on staff at the villas.


Paradise found

By: Peter, Canada Posted: 2012-07-14


I could have never imagined a more beautiful resort. Nice and quiet if you stay in the villas or right in the middle of daily fun if you stay in the hotel. The beach is amaizingly clean, white sand and blue water of all shades. Just get a coconut from a tree, ask someone from the friendly staff to remove the top and pour some rum inside...Sit back and think this is how life will be from now on...

Book a la carte restaurants to enjoy classy dinners with best food.

The buffet is fine, but fresh vegetables were not up to par. Things got better on Sunday. Advice - try breakfast and lunch grill at El Patio.

Walk along the beach to the Market. A 'down-to-earth' experience to complete your stay...

And don't forget, tips are expected everywhere. Carry lots of change in your pockets to make them happy, too! Any items for daily use are also welcome in Cuba...


Great vacation resort

By: Christina, Canada Posted: 2012-07-04


My son and I just returned from Cuba after spending a week at the Brisas Guardalavaca resort. I chose this resort based on reviews I found online. I really had no idea what to expect , but we had an amazing time, the hotel is very clean, food is amazing, staff is extremely friendly, they go above and beyond to make your stay the best experience, it is very difficult to pick a favourite staff. There are lots of choices for additional trips to the area. I am looking forward to go back with my whole family and friends in the very near future. Do not hesitate to go to this resort, it is more than what is describe in the reviews and pictures



By: ronan , Cuba Posted: 2012-03-06




Dream destination

By: Raimos (MO), Canada Posted: 2011-09-29


I just returned from Cuba after spending a week at the Brisas Guardalavaca resort. Having travelled to a great many locations around the world, I really had to idea what to expect in Cuba. I read many reviews of various places and listened to advice from friends about choosing locations. In the end, I took a shot in the dark and got myself to Brisas.

I am here to tell everyone that it is by far my favorite destination in the world. The staff were incredible and definitely were the highlight of my trip. They took care of us, made us comfortable and did everything to make sure we were happy and smiling.

The entertainers, Jovani, Ivano and especially Lisset will forever be in my heart. And of course, the greatest bar tender in the world, Jose.

I am alredy planning my next trip for a couple of months from now, and I will be returning several times a year for as long as I can.

If you want to really know what made it special, just ask. I have too much to talok about for this small space.

In the end, great food, great hospitality, wonderful place and the best people on earth. I loved it immensly and cannot wait for my return.

People of Brisas, I love you all...


el feliz

By: Nathalie KINOSKY, France Posted: 2011-09-22


Gracias a todos como de costumbre todo esta bien.

Voy en el hotel desde el ano 2001 y ahora tengo muchos amigos en el hotel.

je tiens a remercier toute l'equipe de l'hotel pour leur gentillesse et leurs attentions envers ma famille.

Je pense que je serai a nouveau avec vous pour le 20 octobre, l'hotel las brisas est un peu ma seconde maison.

hasta pronto

Y muchas gracias


Lovely Staff

By: Anthea Butcher, United Kingdom Posted: 2011-08-22


We came to the Brias in 2009 for a wedding!!

All I can say is the staff are amazing - always smiling always dancing!!

My only complaint would be the salad bar in the buffet was not always great!!

We fell in Love with Cuba and can't wait to bring our daughter back to meet the family that we made friends with that lived just down the road from the hotel!!


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